It is a constant endeavour of any website owner to see that the website receives maximum organic traffic. To do that, it is of paramount important that the website finds itself in the top search result pages. Now that is something which falls under the realm of SEO or search engine optimization. This post will talk about 11 highly effective SEO techniques which will open floodgates for the organic traffic to your website and faster ranking. Let’s take a quick look at these techniques.

  1. Make a website which is responsive

With the smartphones and high speed internet (3G/4G) coming into the picture, most websites are accessed by users through their mobiles only. Thus, it is important from SEO perspective that the website is designed in a responsive way so that it still offers the best features when accessed from devices other than a laptop or personal desktop.

  1. Make a website that loads fast

In this busy world no one has the time to sit looking at your website getting loaded.  Free your website from unwanted content and heavy images so that it becomes lightning fast, as that will stop the customer going away looking for the required information somewhere else.

  1. Make your site mobile-friendly

No, we are not repeating point number 1 here again. There is a difference between a responsive site and a mobile-friendly online casino list site. The former is designed to be accessed from any device, but the latter is designed specifically for mobile accessing. A typical mobile-friendly site will have image rotators that work fine even without Flash. Also, such a site will have small texts and light images so that it can be accessed using the mobile data without buffering. Search engines give a higher preference to mobile-friendly sites, as that is the device which is mostly used to access websites.

  1. Use high quality content

Filling up the website with all gibberish is not going to help you. The search bots are smart enough to understand which constant has quality and which one carries no value. Relevance of the content to the keywords is one of the conditions that the search engine’s algorithm checks. So, buckle up your shoes and get the content of the website modified and upgraded.

  1. Keep on refreshing the content

SEO is a constant procedure. This means that you cannot sit back and enjoy after updating the website with quality content once. The content needs to be refreshed and updated regularly. Just like you would not want to bite a stale apple, the bots would not like to deal with content which is ages old.

  1. Get social!

If you do not have already, it is time to create accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn or Facebook. If you want real customers to walk into your website, you need to engage your brand on various social media platforms. That is the best way to connect to people and let them know that you exist.

  1. Create good quality backlinks

Many people take this too seriously and focus only on link building. Too much of anything is bad. Thus all you need to focus on is generation of quality backlinks with the right set of keywords. That will help your users to reach your website without getting lost in the web of complex keywords.

  1. Switch to https://

The additional ‘S’ will send the message to the search engines that the site is secured and the information that is available or shared with the website will not be victims of piracy. Now that is what the search engines like. You will be amazed to see the ranks shooting up at rocket speed.

  1. Work on the long tail keywords

If you know little bit about SEO, you would know why we are asking for this. Long tail keywords have less competition than the generic set of keywords, and thus they have high potential to attract more organic traffic to your website. It is proven that users searching with long tail keywords have a higher tendency to convert. Now that is what you are aiming at too, right?

  1. Have as many landing pages as possible

It is worth noting that landing pages help in improving the SEO rank with popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search engines always aim at providing the specific information to the users, and that is exactly what you are letting them do by creating landing pages on your website. The user will not have to waste time looking at the clogged homepage, going through information which he is least bothered of.

  1. Consider other search engines as well

We hope the Google guys do not take offense on this, but there are other search engines as well that can give you good volumes of organic traffic. Hence do include other popular search engine sites like Yahoo,, Baidu or Bing in your radar while devising SEO strategies for the website.