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About SEO Freelancer Vineeth

Vineeth is an SEO freelancer in Kerala who is also a digital marketing consultant. He has been in the field of SEO & Digital Marketing industry since 2014. Handling 50+ projects with one of the best SEO experts team in Kerala.

Even though we provide all sorts of digital marketing services, our specialization is in search engine optimization. SEO helps to get organic traffic and more genuine direct enquiries through your website.

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Our SEO process

Every professional SEO freelancer Kerala has a systematic process. We have ours too. We aim to evaluate and assess your current structure. After which a thorough strategy will be placed to correct and improve your visibility. Once the plan is in action, a detailed report will be provided on a monthly or weekly basis depending on your requirement

 Few important SEO facts!

3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day on Google


Google accounted for 75% of all desktop searches followed by other search engines.


70-80% of paid ads are ignored by users.


Businesses see a 40% increase in revenue.


75% of people on an average never make it to the 2nd page on Google.


SEO brings 300% times more traffic than social media.


93% of people start on anything with a search engine


72% of people who did a local search visited one that was within a 5-mile radius.

Get A Detailed SEO Report

Why Choose SEO Freelancer in Kerala


We are 100% transparent in our services. Every little step of our way you will know. Unlike other SEO freelancers in Kerala, we give you complete details of our plan and how we plan to go about it. There shall be no hidden costs. You will be given a regular report on improvements and actions that we have been taken so that you know how far we have progressed.

Value for your investment

We promise that you will get the results that you are looking for. As the leading SEO specialist Kerala, we have thorough experience in the field. Pair that with some of the best strategies out there! Yep, we have got you covered. We understand that each business is unique and requires a strategy that is relevant to its needs. Our aim is not just to rank your website on Google and vanishing. Our aim is for you to achieve your goals with us.

Specialists in the field of SEO

Unlike another SEO freelancer Kerala, we are specialists in the field. Most SEO Consultant Kerala are just digital marketing companies that provide SEO as an add on service. They are generalists. Our complete energy and attention have been focused on SEO which has helped us reach where we are now. We keep ourselves updated with the nuances of SEO.

Fair cost for our services

Our prices are flexible and based on your requirement. Our engaging packages are designed to meet your needs. You might come across SEO experts Kerala who claim that they can provide you with many backlinks for a cheap price. This can only land you a penalty from Google. Making your efforts go down the drain. We provide only quality services that are presented to you at a reasonable price.

Work with the best SEO expert in Kerala Get more business

Looking for a  professional SEO expert in Kerala? You have probably typed SEO freelancer Kerala or SEO expert Kerala on Google to finally land yourself here. Well, you are in luck because as the pioneers in this field we provide SEO services that are comprehensive and successful.

Most SEO experts in Kerala will focus solely on link building. They might even provide you with an impressive number of backlinks but this will only land you in trouble. Our services help you get whooping visibility on search engines like Google. This will give you the competitive edge you need.

Do I need an SEO specialist Kerala?

Whether you have just started your business or have been in the field for decades, there is one thing to be understood. Let’s say that a person has a requirement. The first thing that she would do is search on Google and choose from the first 3 results. At least 88% of people who have access to the internet, search for services on search engines. Out of which 80% are from Google. So basically, if you are not visible on the first page, you don’t exist.

This is why ranking on Google is important! It increases traffic to your website that can be turned into customers and eventually help you gain profit. SEO is a long term process that gives you long term results, unlike paid ads – SEO vs PPC. This is also a great way to increase your brand value and gain authority in the eyes of customers as they see you on the top.

Most companies make the mistake of searching for customers when in reality customers should find you! But how can they find you if you are not visible on Google? This is why you need a good SEO specialist Kerala to help you out. As the leading SEO consultant Kerala, we are equipped to guide you with the complete package that is designed around your needs.

Still don’t think you need an SEO expert Kerala? Here are some facts for you

4 Important SEOs

Ever spoken to an SEO consultant Kerala who told you he or she could fix all your problems by giving you hundreds of backlinks? Don’t even stop to think, run the other way! SEO is not just about building a huge number of links. Yes, surely link building is important. But as a responsible SEO expert Kerala, our job is to provide you with relevant high quality and authoritative links. Backlinks are only one part of a larger spectrum. A solid SEO freelancer will give you a strategy that strikes a balance between great content, link building, and a functional website.

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Onsite SEO

This technique refers to using the right keywords so that Google understands that it is relevant to what a user is searching for. There are many things to consider in Onsite SEO. An experienced SEO consultant Kerala knows that it requires planned content with mixed media and proper headings. For instance, if you search for SEO freelancer Kerala or SEO expert Kerala, Google has to identify my webpage as a relevant option for users. This will enable Google to rank the web page accordingly

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Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is quite popular in the field of SEO consultant Kerala. Link building is a key feature of this technique. It is important to understand that a single, high authority and the relevant link is worth much more than hundreds of low-quality links. A freelance SEO expert Kerala must also have enough knowledge to know what is allowed and not allowed according to Google’s guidelines.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to building a website that is SEO friendly. Google collects data from sites by a process called crawling. A good SEO freelancer Kerala will tell you that this is important for a website to get indexed and ranked. Google can easily crawl only if your website is technically sound. It also aids in giving your visitors a user-friendly experience which affects SEO.  Technical SEO is important because Speed, mobile-friendliness, security, etc. are some major topics covered under this.

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Local SEO

Ever heard of something called Google My Business? If you are a locally based business then this is the biggest marketing opportunity to generate business. This is different from mainstream SEO however, it compliments it. Let’s just say someone is looking for the nearest café. The first thing they would do is search it on Google. Google shows several relevant options based on geography and other factors. This is a very prominent section that appears even before organic search results. If you manage to be on top of that  list, it can increase your customer base.

Google my business is a free online directory of sorts to help users find a certain service provider. It gives them your contact details, address, direction on Google maps, and a lot more. There is an option to view reviews and ratings. This also enables you to make posts and promote your services with a call to action button. When used to its full potential, it can be a fantastic way to build a relationship with your customer and gain their trust.

SEO Freelancer Kerala – Activities Included

Technical SEO Activities

Offsite SEO Activities

Onsite SEO Activities

Local SEO Activities

Frequently asked questions

When can I start seeing the result?

This depends on several factors. If your website was never optimised before, results are visible almost immediately. But on average, it will take around a month to see it through. To understand the full potential of our services, you will need to spend at least 6 months with us. This will have a long term benefit for your business. SEO is not a one-time thing. You need to continuously optimize your page.

What sets you apart from another SEO freelancer Kerala?

As one of the leading SEO freelancer Kerala, we have come a long way. With almost a decade of experience, we can tackle any situation head-on that too at a reasonable cost.

What is your code of conduct?

We are a team of SEO expert Kerala who resorts only to white hat SEO. If you want quick results, with a risky process which can surely land your website in trouble, we are not the guys for you. We provide you with sure results ethically, by using techniques that go hand in hand with Google’s guidelines so that in the future, you face no trouble at all.

How many years of experience do you have?

With a decade of experience in the field of SEO, we are pioneer Freelance SEO expert Kerala. We are well poised to steer your business in the right direction. We know the ins and outs of this niche and are capable enough to walk you through this journey.

Do we have to sign a contract with you?

We do not have any specific contracts binding you to us. However a time of 6 months is recommended to see the results that we have planned for you.

How much time needed for ranking my website?

This depends on a lot of variables. In some projects, results can be seen within the first 3 – 4 months. SEO is a very dynamic sphere wherein your competitors are doing whatever they can to rank. This will require us to analyze your competition and create plans accordingly. There is no guaranteed time as a lot of factors are beyond our control. We can provide you an estimated time based on our experiences.

How many backlinks needed for my website?

Backlinks are a part of SEO. Backlinks are something that should grow organically along with Google’s guidelines. People who use black hat techniques might provide you with many backlinks but this will negatively affect your website and eventually business. We use only white hat techniques to build the required amount for your website. There is no specified frequency. It will depend on your company, competition, and website’s age.

What will happen if i stop SEO for my website?

SEO is a very competitive field and it is a long term process. Even if your website ranks well on Google, when you stop, your competitors can outrank you with their SEO plans.  It requires continuous content updating, link building, and social media activities. When you stop your SEO process, it might not immediately affect you but eventually, your competitors will outrank you.

How can i get in top of the google local maps

This process comes under local SEO. This requires activities that are location specific such as NAP, i.e. Name, Address, and Phone number. This must be updated on Google My business and for all your online activities NAP should remain the same. Placing NAP in different online directories is also a good option. Other tactics like Google post, reviews, etc. must be done. All of these activities require an advanced strategy which we can provide you.